Doctors save heart of Alla Pugacheva

Doctors save heart of Alla PugachevaAlla Borisovna Pugacheva had a hypertensive crisis. In a Moscow clinic Diva made cleaning vessels.Alla Borisovna has long been under the close supervision of cardiologists. For the past three years, the singer made two heart surgeries in Medical surgical center named after Pirogov. Center staff suggest that a heart problem is heredity, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Alla Borisovna complained to the doctors that her brother Eugene also now health problems. To the surgery the doctors did not dare. Diva did cleaning of vessels, to remove with their walls cholesterol plaque.Hypertensive crisis could occur due to a scandal surrounding a memoir of her ex-husband Yevgeny Boldin, in which the producer unflattering comments about his ex-wife. These words even pushed Alla Pugacheva to write his own memoirs, where she will be able to show its true face. Although for many years the singer has dissociated themselves from the idea of writing his autobiography.To contact the clinic Diva had before the upcoming anniversary. In April on the shoulders of the stars will fall heaviest load: jubilee concerts will take place in 15 capitals of the former Union republics of the USSR, including St. Petersburg, Odessa and city of the USA, Germany and Israel.And in the beginning of this month, as already mentioned Days.Roux, the legendary singer for the first time in ten years, gave a big press conference where he announced his retirement from the stage after their anniversary tour. Health problems have become one of the main reasons for the end of his career Divas as the singer. Alla said that the health of the heart and not allow it to dangle more and tour the country and after several operations, her voice hooked and can't convey those feelings and intonations that she wanted to Express through music. Source: Doctors save heart of Alla Pugacheva.

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