Scientists find the killer of king Gustav III DNA

Scientists find the killer of king Gustav III DNASwedish scientists plan to investigate with the help of DNA analysis the assassination of king Gustav III of Sweden, who died in 1792 from being shot in the back when he attempted to group in opposition of the nobles at the masquerade ball in the Royal Opera house/It is reported by the Swedish news Agency TT.Scientists at Uppsala University intend to compare the sample charge and the clothes of Gustav III with surviving on her blood stains, reports the Agency RIA "Novosti"."We do this to ensure that the Livrustkammaren Museum (Museum in the Royal Palace of Stockholm, associated with the Swedish military history and the monarchy) were scientific evidence of the shot, and also to try out our new methods," - said associate Professor of medical genetics, Uppsala University Marie Allen.King Gustav III was born in 1746. He is considered one of the most controversial kings of Sweden. Having taken on 29 may 1772 throne, he reinforced the absolute power of the king, which led to the termination of the era of liberal reforms and the banning of political parties.However, he remained in Swedish history as the monarch is the patron of culture, theatre and advocate a series of reforms in the sphere of education. Gustav III founded the Swedish Academy, which deals with the regulation of the Swedish language, and since 1901 annually awards the Nobel prize for literature.Gustav III is one of the most well-known among Swedish kings, filmed a lot of documentaries.Adventurous Swedish historians believe his foreign policy. In 1788 Gustavus the Third began, in particular, the war with Russia, which ended in 1790. It was during these years began to grow discontent with the king and his policies among the Swedish nobility, formed during the winter of 1791-1792, in the conspiracy was the murder of the king and the reform of the government.According to surviving evidence, during the masquerade at the Royal Opera house on 16 March 1792 the king was surrounded by a group of black-clad men, one of whom allegedly said in French-"Good evening, beautiful mask, followed by a shot in the back of the king. The killer identified the king the order of St. Seraphim on the breast of the monarch. Gustav III died not once, but 13 days later.It is reported that the day of the death on 29 March 1792 the king was marked with blood poisoning and pneumonia. The gunman Jacob Johan Ankarstrem was sentenced to death and 27 April 1792, was executed by beheading. Source: Scientists find the killer of king Gustav III DNA.

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