Supporters Mikhalkov rejected the leadership hutsieva

Supporters Mikhalkov rejected the leadership hutsievaHeld in Moscow on the extraordinary Congress of the Union of cinematographers quashed the decisions of the forum, removed from the post of Chairman Nikita Mikhalkov.The majority of those present at the Congress at Gostiny Dvor figures of the Russian cinema has not confirmed the authority of Marlena hutsieva as President of their Union.Khutsiev was elected Chairman of the SC in December of last year, succeeding longtime Union leader Nikita Mikhalkov.March 17, Presnensky court of Moscow has declared illegal the decision of the Congress held in December. The court found that Congress was not a quorum for the offset Mikhalkov.Formally, powers Mikhalkov has expired, but he claims that is required to continue to perform his duties until such time as a new Chairman is elected in a legitimate.Nikita Mikhalkov is known for its close relations with the Kremlin and especially with the Prime Minister and former Russian President Vladimir Putin.During Mikhalkov extraordinary Congress, he proposed to save Thank you for the post of Chairman.The work of the CongressAs RIA "news" the lawyer of the UK stated that the Congress was going 2570 members of the organization, or 52.2% of the population.The minimum quorum is 50% plus one person.Nikita Mikhalkov emotionally addressed the audience, stressing that he wants to leave, but not before rejecting all allegations of material abuse that was put forward against his colleagues."I was going to and are going to leave, but I can't afford to go that way I suggest, nevelesanas, slander, did not respond to the questions that I asked," stressed the filmmaker."The charges are very rigid and uncompromising," said he."They seem to look very convincing. But I will tell you frankly, three months to keep it inside very difficult, the enemy does not want", - he complained."In the Union of cinematographers there is a split that was already in the writers' Union, when there were few unions of writers and artists Union, when there were few unions of artists", - said in the program "Morning on bi-Bi-si" Kirill Razlogov, which is in the UK."The most desirable outcome of all this squabbling, which is extremely unpleasant and does not bring goodness neither the one nor the other side, is [to be] the elimination of the Union and the establishment in its place of something else," added Razlogov. Source: Supporters Mikhalkov rejected the leadership hutsieva.

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