Emilia Vishnevskaya left dj-project Audio girls`

Emilia Vishnevskaya left dj-project Audio girls`Newborn DJ-project "Audio girls" bursting at the seams. It became known that the leading model of Russia and member of the DJ Duo Emilia Vishnevskaya leaves the group.Itself Emilia was succinct. "Project "Audio girls" takes too much time. I have a very dense graph model, and in parallel to two directions tricky. Choosing between popular brand "Emilia Vishnevskaya-model" and the participation in the project whose future is quite uncertain, I chose the former. At the moment I have a lot of offers and travel for work, so their graphs are "Audio girls" in my schedule don't fit". And the schedule is really tight. Review Emilia gave, while in the United States, where the model has now filmed as part of the contract.However, the natural restraint Emilia can not tell more. Although in the crowd rumor has it that the creative Duo dj groove and dj Sandra, who are also a married couple, did not fulfill the promises made at the start of the project. So creative a split can end and scandal. Moreover, there is information that the participant of the project, replacing Emilia, will act under a similar alias, which is tantamount to plagiarism.Recall that Emilia Vishnevskaya, already christened Russian Monica Bellucci is the most popular model of our country, ranks second (after Natalia Vodianova) in the ranking of the most searched in "Google" models from Russia. Therefore, we can assume that having such a gorgeous contestants of the Duo, DJ-project will have to make much greater efforts to develop the creative guide. Source: Emilia Vishnevskaya left dj-project "Audio girls"".

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