The wife of Tom cruise is expecting her second child

The wife of Tom cruise is expecting her second childIn the family of Tom cruise's expected completion. His wife Katie Holmes is expecting her second child.30-year-old Katie will soon give their 2-year-old daughter Suri baby brother or sister. "Tom and Katie just in seventh heaven from happiness, they always said that they are going to expand their family, and now it's finally happened," said family friends cruise to the British magazine "OK".Recently, the number of American mass media the information appeared that Katie was sitting on a grueling detox diet consisting of herbal beverages and cleaning procedures to remove from the body all the toxins and prepare it to conceive a child. "Katie practically rid your body of toxins, but because of this she was always in a dream state. It loses power and can't do anything. Tom convinces her to stay on this diet, because they are going to conceive a second child," an informed source told the Daily Mail.Impending motherhood has made the image of Katie more feminine. More recently, she looked exhausted, tired and exhausted. At the premiere of "Valkyrie", where Tom cruise played the main role, Katie appeared with his usual short hair. But after three days in Tokyo, she appeared arm in arm with her husband, demonstrating the long wavy curls. In the last few days before the public appearance of a whole team of stylists, hairdressers, beauticians and makeup artists worked on the appearance of Katie Holmes. Six hours of hair extension Katie paid 2000 pounds, yet she gave 7000 for Spa treatments, 20000 - over polishing and whitening teeth and another 1000 pounds for makeup premium.Now, when it became known about the pregnancy of the actress, as she will never try to Shine in youth and beauty and stay the center of attention. Source: Wife of Tom cruise is expecting her second child.

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