In Moscow announced the name of the prize winner `the Poet`

In Moscow announced the name of the prize winner `the Poet`Inna Lisnyansky named the fifth winner of the Russian national award "the Poet". Her name was announced on 20 April in Moscow, reports Monetary part of the award is 50 thousand dollars.Inna l Lisnyansky was born in 1928 in Baku. Began to publish in the late 1940s. Together with Semyon Lipkin, her husband, and Vasily Aksenov Lisnyansky defiantly came out of the writers ' Union after the persecution began Evgeny Popov and Viktor Erofeev, participants of the almanac "Metropol". After this act Lisnyansky until the late 1980s were printed only outside the USSR. After rebuilding the Innu Lisnyansky again began to publish in the homeland, and for the last twenty years, she was awarded the State prize of the USSR, Alexander Solzhenitsyn prize, the prize of the magazine "the Banner" and other awards.In previous years the winners of the award "the Poet" became Timur Kibirov, Oleg Finn, Olesya Nikolaeva and Alexander Kushner.The award was established in 2005 on the initiative of Anatoly Chubais and with the support of RAO UES. With 2008's "the Poet" takes care of the non-commercial Foundation "future Energy". Source: Moscow announced the name of the prize winner "Poet"".

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