Medvedev and Putin set a record

Medvedev and Putin set a recordRecord values achieved ratings of the President and the Prime Minister in early August of this year. By results of poll spent by Fund "Public opinion", more and more Russians trust the President and Cabinet of Ministers.This figure is now higher than in August last year. Dmitry Medvedev's approval rating is 59 percent of the country's inhabitants and it's ten percent more than last year.The number of those who doubt the reliability of the Prime Minister and less. The level of trust of Vladimir Putin rose to a record 73 percent. For comparison - last year he caused confidence 70 percent of citizens, and in comparison with the crisis April this year in General has grown as much as seven percent.This survey was conducted in early August. The researchers interviewed two thousand respondents in 44 regions of the Federation, said "Echo of Moscow".As written, the Days., the majority of Russians believes that the tandem of President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin effectively runs the country. In June, the conclusions have been derived from a poll by the Russian center for public opinion research. According to sociologists, 64% of Russian citizens approve the work of "a bunch" of the President and Prime Minister of the country. In this sixth part of the respondents expressed the opinion that Medvedev and Putin are "very effective" leading the country, and just under half (49%) "somewhat effective".As for the secret of the success of the tandem, he, according to respondents, lies mainly in the well-coordinated work, the team spirit of the President and the Prime Minister. Effective work is also due to the fact that Medvedev and Putin are perfectly complementary mix of experience and youth, as well as the continuity of policy. In addition, the Russians have expressed the view that easier in a pair to lead the country. Source: Medvedev and Putin set a record.

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