The Queen threw 20 years

The Queen threw 20 yearsSinger Natasha Queen recently celebrated her birthday. During the celebration it was revealed that the actress is younger by 20 years.36 anniversary Natalia said in a narrow circle of close people. Was only out for her mother, and the son of Archippus, who at that moment were on vacation in Miami. Some friends tried to congratulate her friend on the holiday. Resident Comedy Club Alexander Revva drove with his wife Angelina Natalia literally between two flights on the plane, writes magazine "7 days".The birthday girl was presented with a birthday cake decorated with fireworks and the inscription: "happy 16th birthday". "Thank you "knocked off" I'm 20 years old," he laughed when he saw him, Natasha.The main holiday gifts for Natasha Koroleva was bags, particularly the Chinese, who gave her her husband Sergey Glushko, better known as Tarzan. "I'm their fan. In the morning my husband already gave me ten unique handmade bags that have just bought in China. And then the friends have added another dozen stunning instances.As it turned out, to the sweet singer never touched for the entire evening. It turns out that the Queen follows a strict diet. So Natasha is preparing to shoot his new movie.By the way, the 28-year-old actress Comedy TV series "Happy together" Natalia Bochkareva, who played the role of Dasha Bukina, for six months, lost 20 pounds. However, in this case, the artist says that he does not adhere to any exhausting diets. But at the same time, it was rumored that in February, after the birth of her second child, Bochkareva turned to plastic surgeons, who allegedly made the star cosmetic surgery for correction. Source: Queen threw 20 years.

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