Egor Beroev returned to family

Egor Beroev returned to familyEgor Beroev, which for months has been twisting passionate affair with ice skater Ekaterina Gordeeva, he returned to the family.Actress Ksenia Alferova, which is used to call the abandoned wife, on the joys of "persuaded" almost a bottle of "white" in the top ten of loved ones while celebrating their own birthday.- Xenia spoke very loudly, danced on the bench, was always trying to get somewhere and laughed loudly, told one of the guests Brasserie, which was held to celebrate the 35th anniversary Alferova. She left in such a margin that will not understand: whether she was very well, or Vice versa.The gap, as we found out, "th", at a cost of shaky family glued in 32 000. The amount on crisis standards considerable, although Xenia and chose instead the restaurant sports bar with "namescheme" prices.- Bill amounted to about a thousand dollars, said bar waiters. - Beroev Alferov and often visited us before but, of course, never noisy walked.Guests were treated to mostly tequila. Most active in alcohol, do not hesitate relatives, leaned the heroine of the occasion. It seems that the reason the actress was really Yegor, whom she so zealously tried to return to the house, was noticeably different. For the whole evening Beroev never hugged Alferov, and when tipsy She tried to move closer to him, in response, she received a portion of the ice of indifference...To celebrate his birthday Ksenia decided spontaneously to interrupt the mourning for Oleg Yankovsky, whose funeral she was crying just three days ago, persuaded her mother. After the show the birthday girl phoned relatives and invited in a sports bar in the Lubyanka area. By the way, co - "Ice age" among the guests was not too painful Xenia today to see those who have eyes developed a novel her husband with a star project by Ekaterina Gordeeva.In memory of Ingrid audience were dressed in black all of them, even the children. Later all came to the club mother Ksenia Irina Alferova. The actress congratulated her daughter and hastily left the school: whether because of the death of artist and friend she was not to fun, whether in a holiday she didn't want to see a dejected son-in-law. Source: Egor Beroev returned to family.

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