Pitt said, why not marry Jolie

Pitt said, why not marry JolieAround the family Jolie-pitt there is always a lot of rumors. Media repeatedly divorced couple and talked about their frequent scandals.In a candid interview, brad pitt once again raised the subject of marriage. He explained why he wants to marry angelina Jolie."I have love in my life. She is my half, exactly. But when people ask me why we with Angie not getting married, I'm saying that everyone should have equal rights. Maybe we'll do this when it would be legally available. I resent people who tell me how to live. Recently I heard that we allegedly set a bad example to other people that are living together and not getting married. I find it funny. Why should I talk to someone about their actions, if it's nobody's business? Guess how many times you can find true love? I think if you're lucky, one, two or three.".

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