Vinyl single sold for a record sum

Vinyl single sold for a record sumSeven-inch disc with the recording of the song by Frank Wilson was sold for a record sum at auction, reports BBC News.The buyer, who wished to remain anonymous, paid for the single "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)", released in 1965 on the record label Motown, 25742 pounds.The price offered for the record, due to the fact that in the world there are only two original CDs with the recording of the song Wilson. All other copies of the single were destroyed head of the record label Motown berry Gordy after Frank Wilson left performing activities and started producing.Initially, the disc is exhibited in the archives of the label. From there, the album disappeared and then showed up in Detroit. In 1997 it was bought by a collector paid a record at the time the amount of 15 thousand pounds.Kenny Burrel, put the record up for auction, said that the price offered for the record, exceeded his wildest expectations. He said that about eight years ago he signed my copy of the disc with Frank Wilson and believed that the inscription, which the singer refers to the collector by the name, may hinder the sale of the plate.Note that the most expensive vinyl single, nominally considered the record "That'll be the Day". The recording of the band the Quarrymen, in which he played John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, is estimated in 100 thousand pounds. Thus, according to experts, if the plate is put up for auction, it could sell for twice that amount. Source: Vinyl single sold for a record sum.

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