Demi Moore is looking for a dying fan

Demi Moore is looking for a dying fanTo plastic surgeons always come the people who want "lips of Angelina Jolie", "Boobs of Pamela Anderson", etc. One of the fans of demi Moore decided to change his appearance to be like his idol and die.Recently the doctors discovered she had a brain tumor.Lisa Connell (29)went to the doctor that helped her to become just like demi Moore. Lisa decided to spend $80 000 to spend his last moments of life as close to the star. Now the actress is looking for this woman through social networks, to meet her personally. "People think I'm crazy," said Connel, " But I do want to be happy in her last months of life. When in my youth I watched the movie "Ghost", I wanted to be like her. I want to die beautiful." Demi wants to persuade a woman to do the surgery and tell her personally that she is elegant in itself. Source: demi Moore is looking for a dying fan.

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