A rating of abandoned wives

A rating of abandoned wives Among the Russian stars rare birds who managed to avoid divorce. Basically over the shoulders of the majority - at least one or two of the retired partner.The Internet-the magazine "Paparazzi" was a fresh list of abandoned wives-girlfriends...As luck would have it, they all gathered at the party InStyle Beauty Bar.Among them is Tatiana Vedeneeva. Married TV presenter broke up a long time ago but officially divorced wife only a few weeks ago.It seems that Maria Golubkina still not recovered after leaving the family of her husband Nikolai Fomenko. And that is already a child with new love was born.Dana Borisova. Civil husband of TV presenter Maxim could not bear the hardships of family life and left Dana and daughter Pauline.Beautiful couple was: Alexey Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite... it Never happened.Ravshana Kurkova, learning about the numerous infidelities of her husband Artem Tkachenko, decided to divorce. Now here shows legs-smile and probably looking for a new life partner.Birth Eduard Limonov of the child, or even two, Ekaterina Volkova decided to leave the honorary post of writer's Muse.Ksenia Alferova prefers to be distracted from thinking about the adventures of a husband Egor Beroev at the rink "Ice age".

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