Died legendary DJ Karaulov

Died legendary DJ KaraulovIn the capital on 73-m to year of life has died Boris Mikhailovich guard, known as the eldest of "DJ of the Minds".The cause of the musician's death was a stroke. The last two days of life Boris spent in the hospital. Funeral date has not been disclosed. Relatives of the DJ didn't want to bring this event to the public, reports "Rosbalt".Boris Karaulov most of his life devoted to Cybernetics, and music was his hobby. In formed together with George Aprekinam the Duo DJs Minds" DJ George basically danced and DJ Boris drove the tracks.Guard participated in concerts, traveled the country and played in discos, entertaining dancing youth of different ages and social statuses.In 2007 they even made on Kazantip. "The secret to our success - image and years. The main thing is confidence," said Boris "Horizon". The most famous composition of "Minds" - "it's All over the old age".Karaulov many years trying to prove to the world that true life can begin at any time, even after retirement, and that age is not a hindrance.Boris was a very active person in life: he was a serious figure, wrote poetry, and I recently bought a bass guitar in order to master the instrument, each day was getting up at four in the morning and did an hour long workout; also, the DJ was playing tennis and generally loved sports, and even participated in marathon races. Source: Died legendary DJ Karaulov.

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