`Maxim` section is the most beautiful girl of the country

`Maxim` section is the most beautiful girl of the country A very unusual event took place last weekend in one of the Moscow clubs. The public was presented the most sexy girl in the country! It was the 23-year-old Olga Kobzina. Beauty won the contest Miss Maxim 2009.Every year the popular men's magazine Maxim holds all-Russian show of the most charming and attractive - any representative of the beautiful half of humanity (provided that she is over 18 years old) can send their pictures to editorial Board. Application for magazine experts will select the top hundred. Then it's up to the reader, who in a vote to determine the sexiest contestant.As it turned out, the winner of this year working as an art Director and dreams of working in the advertising business. The girl in perfection knows English... Читать полностью -->

RealityGirl terminated the contract with cusanelli

RealityGirl terminated the contract with cusanelliIn early August in St. Petersburg club "Debar" was the first live casting of the second season of the project - with the participation of Heroines and Leading the show. The headliner of the evening was declared host of the show Otar cusanelli.It had informed the media, patrons of the club "Debar" and representatives of the club business. The event aroused great interest among club audiences in the city. The day before the event in the club were sold-out and fully booked. Note that Othar cusanelli was given at the event a Central role.It was assumed that flocks to comment on the ongoing casting, periodically connect to what is happening in the room, chat with conducting evening Heroines of the project.But despite all the efforts of the organizers and repeated assurances Otar cusanelli's readiness to meet its obligations, after the show started, it became apparent that the Leading RealityGirl frankly it sabotages. Читать полностью -->

Jolie and pitt gave the children of rodents

Jolie and pitt gave the children of rodentsThe famous acting couple Angelina Jolie and brad pitt bought a pet for their kids.Together with children of Angelina and brad now have a rest in the South of France in his estate. There's also the other day the star couple acquired new family members arriving in Provence, actors along with 8-year-old Maddox and 5-year Paxon went down to the local shop of the goods for the house and garden to buy something for his estate.Children are unable to pass the Department of domestic animals and in the end, Angelina and brad bought the children some animals-gerbils and goldfish. Gerbils are very energetic and extremely curious rodents. These mice are ready for the peace-loving person, and can only bite if roughly handled.In addition to concerns about Pets Angelina and Brad are busy equipping their French house. Celebrity couple bought an old castle "Miraval" last year at 45 million pounds, reports The Daily Mirror. Brad and Angelina is said to have considered many options before I settled on this estate.The actors have invested in the home for about $ 10 million to equip all of your taste. Читать полностью -->

At the auction exhibited drawings of Hitler

At the auction exhibited drawings of HitlerBritish auction house Mullock''s puts up for sale 13 paintings, painted by Adolf Hitler, writes Marina is Correct in the article printed in the newspaper La Stampa.The auction will be held on April 23, it will feature the works of Adolf Hitler related, according to the examination, to the early 20-ies, when Hitler was still trying to make a living painting. The name of the owner of these works, which have, obviously, more historical than artistic value, is not called. We know only that the collector has purchased the drawings from the British soldier returning from the German city of Essen. The paintings mostly depict flowers, dogs, houses. Of particular interest is the portrait of thoughtful men sitting on the bridge. He is in the brown dress, he doesn't have the typical antennae, but the hairstyle is characteristic of the future dictator. Читать полностью -->

Tatyana Lazareva has become a stranger

Tatyana Lazareva has become a stranger Tatiana Lazarev stopped recognizing fans. This was written by the presenter in his blog on the Internet.Recently one of the most witty leading on national TV for not know colleagues and the audience - is the result of changes in the way Tatyana Lazareva.It should be noted that no plastic surgery TV presenter did not. This effect star had made, just by changing hair color. Your new image Tatiana demonstrated to the readers of his online diary, where she posted a photo with perky short hair and dark hair color."Now for a while I just commented on your photo Tatiana on the Internet. - At the same time look than the blonde's different from the brunettes. While one suffers Michael (husband Lazareva - approx. Читать полностью -->

The Director of the Hermitage has banned Madonna to blaspheme.

The Director of the Hermitage has banned Madonna to blaspheme.The State Hermitage Director Mikhail Piotrovsky said that the intervention of the Madonna, which will be held on August 2 on Palace square in St. Petersburg, there should be no blasphemy. About April 15, RIA Novosti reported.According to Piotrovsky, the guide is located on the Palace square Hermitage requires assurance that Madonna will do without the profanity. "And although this is a violation of freedom of speech, but we on Palace angel with a cross," said the Museum's Director. He added that in his personal opinion, Madonna's concert should not be held in the main square of St. Petersburg.One of the traditional rooms of the performances of the Madonna - the appearance of the crucified singer during a performance of the song "Live To Tell". Читать полностью -->

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