Britney Spears has confirmed rumors about the engagement

Britney Spears has confirmed rumors about the engagementAmerican singer Britney Spears showed her engagement ring, thus confirming the rumors about the engagement with her new boyfriend, Jason Travicom.Dressed in a t-shirt with yellow and denim shorts, she went for a walk on the arm of her beloved Jason Travicom. 27-year-old pop star was beaming with happiness and showed the photographer the ring with a big diamond.As you know, Britney found love at work, it was a classic office romance: singer and her agent. The couple meets for several months, writes the Daily Mail. They first appeared together at a party designer Christian Audigie in may of this year.Not so long ago, Spears took it with him on vacation to Costa Rica, where she went with her sons - three-year-old Sean Preston and two-year-old Jayden James.Britney is so happy that her father, a ward where she is now, well regarded by her choice. It is known that Jason was in friendly relations with her father and brother. "Mr. Читать полностью -->

Love games Anfisa Chekhova caught by the paparazzi

Love games Anfisa Chekhova caught by the paparazzi The most "exciting" TV presenter on television Anfisa Chekhova to dwell on the intimate side of their own lives does not like, but the paparazzi are not asleep.According to the website "Paparazzi", with outstanding advantages and exciting configurations Anfisa Chekhova was caught in a very intimate moment: presenter indulged in amorous games in the pool.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Novel Dan brown will accelerate the revolution in book publishing

Novel Dan brown will accelerate the revolution in book publishingNew novel Dan brown the Lost symbol (The Lost Symbol) about Professor Langdon will appear in bookstores on 15 September 2009 in two versions - paper and electronic.The print edition is scheduled to release the first print run of 6.5 million copies. At the same time the book can be downloaded online and read using a special electronic reader or computer.At the same time, experts note that the online publication of a book on one of the most popular writers of our time could mark the sunset of the era of paper publications, writes The Guardian.Experts believe that currently the online publication become an important new marketing technologies. Today, some American authors, mostly writing in the genre of detective sell a third of its copies in electronic version.It is expected that the online publication of a new book, brown not only attract more interest to the novel, but also can accelerate the transition of publishers on electronic publications.Previous novel Dan brown the da Vinci Code was sold worldwide with a total circulation of 81 million copies.We will remind that on may 13, 2009 in the Ukrainian car released film Ron Howard's Angels and demons, based on the novel by Dan brown. Source: novel by Dan brown will accelerate the revolution in book publishing. . . Читать полностью -->

In the UK, went on sale poem Tolkien

In the UK, went on sale poem TolkienIn the UK on 5 may 2009 in bookstores received the book of John.P.P. Tolkien's Sigurd and Gudrun", 500-Strona poem based Scandinavian epics.The son of the writer and his executor Christopher Tolkien in an interview with the Guardian, timed to the publication, has recognized that the form of the book may scare many fans of "the Hobbit" and "Lord of the rings.The basis of the poem is the story of two heroes, known in Norse mythology as Sigurd and Gudrun, and in German as Siegfried and Kriemhild.According to Christopher Tolkien, his father wrote a poem in the early 1930s, when he taught Germanic languages and literature. Tolkien-senior prepared Belova text, leaving just a few pages of drafts. Christopher Tolkien says that he is virtually no edits were made, focusing on the commenting text.Christopher Tolkien since 1973 deals with the unpublished edition of the heritage of the father. In 2007, the year he published the novel "Children jurina", only the English edition of which exceeded one million copies. The total circulation of books j.P.P. Читать полностью -->

Hugh Jackman told about their plans

Hugh Jackman told about their plansAfter a resounding success at the box office prequel "X-Men" Hugh Jackman told reporters details of some new projects financed jointly with John Palermo, one of the founders of the company, Seed Productions.All of them the actor will be engaged soon. First on the list is the sequel to "Wolverine". According to Jackman, the action sequel will focus on the so-called "samurai" story line, a hint of which were contained in one of the finals, coming after the final credits. Screenwriter for the film has not yet hired, although some time ago there was a rumor that it was supposed to be the author of "the Millionaire from slums" by Simon Bopha. But this information has not been confirmed.Both the producer will collaborate with the Studio Fox bought the rights to Personal security - Personal Security. The script for the film was written by Matt Lieberman. Читать полностью -->

Lawrence Lessig has released a new book `Remix`

Lawrence Lessig has released a new book `Remix`Lawrence Lessig, Professor at Stanford University, founder of Creative Commons and a famous fighter for the change of legislation in the field of copyright, continues to uphold their principles.His new book is called "Remix" dedicated "hybrid" and "parallel" economic models of information dissemination, posted online in pdf format and available for free download. 352 pages, English language.Those who are not willing to read large amounts of text in English, can download an earlier book of Lessig - Free culture, which was translated and released in Russia in 2007: . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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