Son Vasily Livanov charged with murder

Son Vasily Livanov charged with murderInvestigatory Department on the city of Khimki of the Investigation Department of the Russian investigative Committee has completed the investigation against Boris Livanov - son of a famous actor Vasily Livanov. Man charged part 1 of article 105 of the RF criminal code (murder).As reported by "Rosbalt" in SU UPC RF, MO, on 1 January this year between the British singer and Chrome victims had a quarrel, which resulted in the defendant struck him several times with a knife.The court 34-year-old Boris Livanov, the measure of restraint in the form of detention. "Now criminal case is directed the public Prosecutor for approval of the indictment," informed "Rosbalt" in SU UPC MO.Recall that the murder occurred on 1 January in the early morning, when 34-year-old Boris Livanov, together with some 30 years of Chrome took alcohol in the house N7 on the street of Friendship in city Khimki - there lived the son of actor.In the course of a feast between producers, Directors and the victim had a quarrel, which resulted in the accused brought Khromov from the apartment to the landing, where she dealt a few blows to the body, and then at least three stab wounds with a knife in the chest and neck. From the received wounds Khromov died on the spot. Source: Son Vasily Livanov charged with murder. . Читать полностью -->

Nikita Mikhalkov began to take revenge on his enemies

Nikita Mikhalkov began to take revenge on his enemiesTo the editor of garnala "Art cinema" had a document signed by the Chairman of the Union of cinematographers Nikita Mikhalkov with the order to vacate until June 1, the building on the street Usievicha, which the magazine holds since inception and which was built specially for him.This was reported by the wording a source in the magazine.According to our source, it is the result of the fact that chief editor Daniil Dondurei supported Marlena hutsieva at the December Congress of the Union of cinematographers.Note that, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", certain troubles began and the hutsieva. In the new list of Academic Council of the University, proposed by the rector, no name of a famous Director, although at the moment the Institute he directs directing feature films. According to a source in high school in the new academic year with his work in Cinematography.Before the search took place in Moscow office of public organization "Justice", also involved in the scandal with the Union of cinematographers, the Newspaper reports Deputy Chairman of the Board of the organization of Stalin Gurevich represented in court the interests of Marlena hutsieva.In late April 2009, the film Director Nikita Mikhalkov has addressed in militia with the request "to protect him from threats from the Deputy head of the "Justice" Dmitry Baranovskiy". MIA then refused to allow the Director to grant protection.However, the editors reserve the right to assume that all these troubles have called for opponents of a famous Director at the same time by accident. Source: Nikita Mikhalkov began to take revenge on his enemies. Читать полностью -->

Tour `Rennet` almost ended in tragedy

Tour `Rennet` almost ended in tragedyThe plane, which was moving group, rejected one of the engines.The soloist of the popular youth band "Ranetki" Anna, Lena, Dance, Zhenya and Natasha, as well as the producer and musicians music band recently survived a few anxious hours. The team was headed to a concert in the city of Samara. An hour after the start of the flight, the passengers noticed that the aircraft's engines roared louder than usual, and the plane began to shake."We often fly, and it was obvious from the aircraft's something wrong," says Eugene "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - Frightened when he began a violent shaking and conductors nervous voice announced that for technical reasons we will have to return to Moscow." Halfway pilots turned the plane in the opposite direction. "Ranetki" tell that everyone, including flight attendants, sat with white faces, young children cried, and the girls were preparing for the worst."We suddenly realized that this might be our last moments. From his eyes tears flowed, we started to ask forgiveness from each other, hugged and cried... Читать полностью -->

Around Berlusconi broke new scandal

Around Berlusconi broke new scandalThe lawyer of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Niccolo Ghedini threatens to sue those who decide to repost audio recordings of alleged conversations premiere with 42-year-old prostitute Patricia D addario.Monday Internet sites Italian editions of L'espresso and La Repubblica has posted audio recordings of talks Premier Berlusconi and women of easy virtue D addario, which, according to confused, she did last year: the first time when it premiered in October of last year - and the second time on the night of November 4 last year, which they supposedly spent together. On the audio recordings allegedly Italian Prime Minister asked the woman to wait for him in bed while he showered.The Berlusconi lawyer Niccolo Ghedini stated that "the truthfulness and legality of the distribution of records have already been challenged". According to him, these records have no pictures, they are absolutely unbelievable and are the figment of the imagination," according to "RIA Novosti".According to the lawyer of Berlusconi, the judiciary had to figure out how this secret stuff in the Prosecutor's office of the southern Italian city of Bari, fell into the hands of journalists. However, the lawyer premiere stated that the full publication of this material by itself is illegal and should be prosecuted. "Those who believe it is possible to repost this material will be taken all appropriate in this case legal action," the lawyer said.We will remind, scandalous details about the private life of Italian Prime Minister for the first time hits the press. Berlusconi became the hero of juicy stories, and told them the unambiguous phrases caused public dissatisfaction with his wife.So, in may of this year wife 72-year-old premiere Veronica Lario filed for divorce, stating that she wants to stay with someone who "rubs shoulders with minors", reports BBC. Читать полностью -->

Started shooting the film `Eclipse`

Started shooting the film `Eclipse`Film Studio Summit Entertainment has announced the beginning of the shooting process of the painting "the Eclipse", which is the third part of vampire Saga "Twilight".The film re-unite on the set of lead actors: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor of Lautner. They will be joined by newcomers: Bryce Dallas Howard, and Xavier Samuel. Shooting will take place in Vancouver.The premiere is scheduled for 30 June 2010. Source: Started shooting the film "Eclipse"". . . Читать полностью -->

Zavorotnyuk told about their past marriages

Zavorotnyuk told about their past marriagesActress and TV presenter Anastasia Zavorotniuk told her all about their relationship with men.Recently Anastasia is very popular with the public. The first channel made a documentary where Nastya told his men, about yourself and your happiness. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published the most interesting moments of the film.Klaus. ForeignerIn 1993, Anastasia graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and began working in the theatre of Oleg Tabakov "Snuff". During the next performance, where he played 20-year-old actress, she was noticed by a businessman named Klaus, a German citizen. Klaus fell in love with the girl at first sight. Читать полностью -->

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