In Moscow announced the name of the prize winner `the Poet`

In Moscow announced the name of the prize winner `the Poet`Inna Lisnyansky named the fifth winner of the Russian national award "the Poet". Her name was announced on 20 April in Moscow, reports Monetary part of the award is 50 thousand dollars.Inna l Lisnyansky was born in 1928 in Baku. Began to publish in the late 1940s. Together with Semyon Lipkin, her husband, and Vasily Aksenov Lisnyansky defiantly came out of the writers ' Union after the persecution began Evgeny Popov and Viktor Erofeev, participants of the almanac "Metropol". After this act Lisnyansky until the late 1980s were printed only outside the USSR. Читать полностью -->

In France died famous writer Maurice Druon

In France died famous writer Maurice DruonIn France 91 year of life died a famous writer, historian and social activist Maurice Druon, AFP reports citing the message of the Secretary of the French Academy Elen Karrer d ances.According to her, the writer died at his home Tuesday at 18:00. "It was a very close friend, his death is a huge loss to the French Academy," said d ances.Maurice Druon was born in Paris on April 23, 1918. The son of actor Lazarus Kessel, a native of Orenburg, who along with his family in 1908 left Russia and moved to nice, playing acting under the pseudonym Siber, but committed suicide at the age of 21 years. Maurice took the surname of his stepfather, R. Druon. He studied at the Department of literature in Paris.Druon is one of the most famous contemporary French writers. Читать полностью -->

The wife of Tom cruise is expecting her second child

The wife of Tom cruise is expecting her second childIn the family of Tom cruise's expected completion. His wife Katie Holmes is expecting her second child.30-year-old Katie will soon give their 2-year-old daughter Suri baby brother or sister. "Tom and Katie just in seventh heaven from happiness, they always said that they are going to expand their family, and now it's finally happened," said family friends cruise to the British magazine "OK".Recently, the number of American mass media the information appeared that Katie was sitting on a grueling detox diet consisting of herbal beverages and cleaning procedures to remove from the body all the toxins and prepare it to conceive a child. "Katie practically rid your body of toxins, but because of this she was always in a dream state. It loses power and can't do anything. Tom convinces her to stay on this diet, because they are going to conceive a second child," an informed source told the Daily Mail.Impending motherhood has made the image of Katie more feminine. Читать полностью -->

Emilia Vishnevskaya left dj-project Audio girls`

Emilia Vishnevskaya left dj-project Audio girls`Newborn DJ-project "Audio girls" bursting at the seams. It became known that the leading model of Russia and member of the DJ Duo Emilia Vishnevskaya leaves the group.Itself Emilia was succinct. "Project "Audio girls" takes too much time. I have a very dense graph model, and in parallel to two directions tricky. Choosing between popular brand "Emilia Vishnevskaya-model" and the participation in the project whose future is quite uncertain, I chose the former. At the moment I have a lot of offers and travel for work, so their graphs are "Audio girls" in my schedule don't fit". Читать полностью -->

Eva Mendes was photographed for the magazine Marie Claire

Eva Mendes was photographed for the magazine Marie Claire Eva Mendes was photographed for the magazine Marie Claire and something tell him about yourself. For example, about their bodies and about what kind of clothing suits her."I love your shape, accept them as is - but you still have to follow a thin line. There are dresses, which all say, "Oh, they're feminist, there is nothing sexual! "- but I wear them and they are on me. I think it is necessary to dress in a manner that was consistent with your figure, and only then will like.Eva said that four years was undergoing psychotherapy, which helped her cope with his fame. "I been through a lot thanks to God and therapy. I love therapy! Hooked on her. Читать полностью -->

Official poster of `new Moon`

Official poster of `new Moon`The Washington Times accidentally published a new poster for the film "new Moon" prematurely. Officially he was supposed to appear tonight only in print, but, as often happens, the Internet came before.The poster can be freely found on Google, but in full size it can be seen only in the print edition. Source: Official poster of new Moon"". . . . Читать полностью -->

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