The health of the pregnant Yelena Berezhnaya seriously undermined

The health of the pregnant Yelena Berezhnaya seriously underminedHealth figure skater Elena Berezhnaya, which is now in the fourth month of pregnancy, is seriously undermined.Artist more weeks in the infectious diseases hospital in St. Petersburg, where doctors icily stated that she could lose the baby.The diseaseTwo weeks ago, Olympic champion felt sharply bad. Husband of Helena did not hesitate and went to the doctors. It turned out Berezhnaya was a virus - the doctors decided to urgently hospitalize the star. Lena, which takes the second pregnancy, without a break, and could not imagine how would have a negative impact persistent work on her health: she actively participates in the show "the Bremen town musicians".- Lena had a threatened miscarriage - admitted LIFE.RU colleagues Berezhnoy. She spent more than a week in the infectious diseases hospital.After the status of Olympic champion normalized, and the health of the athletes and her child was not threatened, Gentle was discharged from the hospital.- Lena is now at home, her condition a little better - shared with LIFE.RU friends skater. Читать полностью -->

Matthew McConaughey again soon to become a father

Matthew McConaughey again soon to become a fatherFirst son Matthew Mcconahy Levi a year old, but the actor and his girlfriend Camila Alves are already waiting for a second baby.This news became known from the Matthew who wrote on their official website: "we have wonderful news. To celebrate father's Day next year will be doubly fun. Levi will soon become a senior brother. The miracle will happen one more time - Camila and I are expecting a second child, we will bring another life into this world and add meaning to our lives. The future looks bright, growing family. Your Matthew and Camila".Earlier, the handsome blond tied a romantic relationship with Penelope Cruz. Читать полностью -->

Czech Republic left the contest `Eurovision`

Czech Republic left the contest `Eurovision`According to the representative of the Czech television, the Czech authorities decided to no longer participate in the musical competition "Eurovision".Due to an unfortunate speeches of its representatives and the weak interest of the residents of the country for this event, informs "bi-Bi-si".The country, which debuted at Eurovision in 2007, at the contest in Moscow in may this year not only failed to reach the final, but even in the semi-finals finished last, not gaining any points. Two previous attempts by the Czech Republic to reach the final also failed.At the competition in Moscow, the Czech Republic was represented by the group is a mixture of rap, Gypsy music, funk and ethno-pop, laced with a considerable amount of humor and irony. This team set a record, for the first five years is not collected by the end of voting any points. Source: Czech Republic left the Eurovision song contest. . . Читать полностью -->

The ROC has shared the truth of Nikita Mikhalkov

The ROC has shared the truth of Nikita MikhalkovThe Chairman of the Union of cinematographers, Director Nikita Mikhalkov hopes that the favor of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill will help him in dialogue with the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.He urged the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation to indicate their position in relation to the conflict, which occurred in recent months in his organization, reports "Interfax".Mikhalkov began his press conference, which was held yesterday in the Central office of "Interfax" with words of gratitude to Patriarch Kirill for his congratulations, which he directed to the Director in connection with his election as head of the Union."I will read the last two sentences: "Yes, there will be your work prosper for the glory of the Fatherland, God's blessing be with you." For me it is a very important sign. I missed this support," he said. Mikhalkov."Now I, intuitively followed by the truth which I wanted to get across, realize that this truth is shared not only by me and my colleagues, but is divided and the Russian Orthodox Church, and therefore a huge number of people who live under the cover of our Church, and the sign for me was it's appeal to me, greetings of the Patriarch," he added. Mikhalkov.Also N. Mikhalkov expressed gratitude to his colleagues. "My second appeal is gratitude to my colleagues, those who came (to the Congress) - 3,000: I am very grateful to you, grateful that you heard and understood, as should we all gathered," he said. Читать полностью -->

Readers will get unpublished Vonnegut

Readers will get unpublished Vonnegut14 short stories by Kurt Vonnegut, previously unpublished, will be published as a book, which was called "Look at the birdie" (Look at the Birdie).Publisher Delacorte Press intends to open an unknown Vonnegut readers in November 2009, reports AP.Also the publisher plans to re - release of 15 books, including "Slaughterhouse five" and "Sirens of Titan", another edition of unpublished works, as well as the collected letters of Vonnegut.The publication of works not published during the life of the writer, was launched in 2008 by the book "Armageddon in retrospect" (Armageddon in Retrospect). It opens the Preface of the son of novelist, physician, and writer Mark Vonnegut. The book includes essays on the theme of war and peace.Kurt Vonnegut died on April 12, 2007 in new York, he was 84 years old. During the life of the writer was published 14 novels, many of which have become bestsellers, and several collections of short stories. Vonnegut fought in world war II and was in Dresden during the bombing of the city by allied forces. The absurdity of the war was a constant theme of creativity of the writer. Читать полностью -->

The father sells the star of `the Millionaire from slums`

The father sells the star of `the Millionaire from slums`The scandal turned into fame and popularity, which was in India the youngest performers of roles of the main characters of the film "Slumdog Millionaire".Little actress of Oscar-winning film, 9-year-old Rubina Ali, her own father Rafiq Qureshi wants to illegally sell to an Arab Sheikh for 200 thousand pounds sterling.This step has caused journalists who were posing as a married couple from the Principality of Dubai. Imaginary "Sheikh" and his "wife" who wanted to adopt the girl, did not cause any suspicions of Rafiq, excitedly joined in the bidding. Moreover, as the argument he referred to the fact that the family Rubies received nothing from the makers of ribbons to be awarded in February of this year, eight Oscars. According to enterprising father, he "has to consider what is best for him, for the whole family and Rubies for the future"."I determine what's best for me, my family and Rubies future" - quoted "The News of the World" statement enterprising father, who added that "in India, you can buy anything if you have the money". He stressed that the family got some money, when his daughter started acting in the film. "But they have not given us anything then. Читать полностью -->

Harrison Ford is getting married soon

Harrison Ford is getting married soonSolitary voyage Indiana Jones, it seems, is about to end. 66-year-old Harrison Ford is ready to once again be a newlywed - and this despite the fact that he has four children from a previous marriage and two grandchildren.With Calista Flockhart (popular theater actress) he started Dating in 2002-m to year (then the actor has not yet formally divorced from a previous wife Melissa Mathison.) A couple of years ago adopted her son Liam.According to People magazine, Ford did Calista still have that Valentine's day when they РІСЃРµq family were on vacation: agree, it looks very romantic.But it is yet unknown when and where the wedding will take place. Perhaps, on their ranch in Wyoming. Source: Harrison Ford is getting married soon. . . Читать полностью -->

Oleg Tabakov was robbed at 1.2 million rubles

Oleg Tabakov was robbed at 1.2 million rublesLegendary actor Oleg Tabakov was robbed of 1.2 million rubles.73-year-old Oleg Pavlovich appealed for protection to the Department for combating economic crimes Department of internal Affairs of the Moscow Central district.In the Department of internal Affairs on the Central administrative DISTRICT of the famous Louis XIV of "the Three Musketeers" came on the eve of holidays, April 30. People's artist asked me to help him in resolving the issue of concern to him in almost a year and a half.In November 2006 I signed a contract about the construction of a cottage in the Istra district, - said Oleg Pavlovich operatives. - Paid one million two hundred thirty thousand roubles. But still nothing was built, and I have no money.The contract on construction in the village Cinema, Istrinsky district of the artist signed on 13 November with the General Director of a construction company Elena K. the Police had carefully studied the documents and realized that the artist had indeed cheated.First day of may, in the Department of internal Affairs TSAO opened a criminal case under article "Fraud". If the guilt of the contractors will be able to prove, Elena Sergeevna shines from 5 to 10 years in prison. Читать полностью -->

New details about the death of Playboy model

New details about the death of Playboy modelAmerican justice concluded that the death of the former model, Playboy magazine Anna Nicole Smith, who died in February 2007 from an overdose of medicines that could not be accidental.Two doctors and other models Howard stern charged that they are without sufficient health indicators prescribed her pills, which became the cause of death.Illegal prescription drugs with psychotropic action were issued from June 2004 until January 2007.The prosecution alleges that the doctors gave the drugs to the stern, and he slipped them his beloved. As a result, for several years Anna Nicole Smith took thousands of pills without unnecessarily that could not have detrimental impact on the body.The doctors who examined the body of Anna Nicole Smith after her death, stated that traces of any disease the deceased was found. Also, there were traces of violence on her body.The unequal marriageAnna Nicole Smith died on February 8, 2007 in a hotel room in Florida. She was 39 years old.After the death of Anna Nicole Smith among her relatives living in the U.S. and in the Bahamas, sparked by disputes over the right of custody of her five-month-old daughter.At that moment the girl became the direct heir to the health of the mother, which amounted to half a billion dollars.Money got models from the late husband, Texas oil tycoon Howard Marshall II. At the time of their wedding in 1994, Anna Nicole was 26 and he was 89.After her husband's death in 1995, Smith spent a lot of years, money and effort to win back his fortune with other relatives.Anna Nicole Smith was buried in the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau. Читать полностью -->

Penelope Cruz wants a baby

Penelope Cruz wants a babyPenelope Cruz is a Spanish actress, owner of the award "Oscar" in 2009 for best actress in a supporting role in the film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", known primarily for films by Pedro Almodovar.By and large, Penelope Cruz needs no praise. The girl is very popular among Hollywood, and among Spanish Directors.Among her trophies - lot of prestigious awards (including the "Oscar" and "Golden palm"), and besides the quite successful cooperation with fashion brand Mango. Many had the impression that Penelope is a very responsible girl and even in some ways a perfectionist. But the actress admits that her qualities that helped to make a brilliant career, not the best way affect your personal life."Every time I get ready to shoot, I'm feeling like for the first time on the site... And I always think that I could get fired," says Spanish star in an interview with Psychologies magazine. Because of this habit I ruined their happiness and relationships with friends. Читать полностью -->

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