`Avatar` will be the most expensive movie in history

`Avatar` will be the most expensive movie in historyThe James Cameron film "Avatar", which promises to be a new word in the film, has already won the trophy as the most expensive film project in history.According to Time, budget of the film has already exceeded $ 300 million, not including the costs of promotion and advertising of the film.Our correspondent, who visited the demonstration of the episode of the picture, argues that to distinguish reality from fiction in the film, Cameron is not possible. The effect is that a day after watching it I caught myself thinking that she wants to return to the planet Pandora where the action is. Source: "Avatar" will be the most expensive movie in history. . . . Читать полностью -->

Jackson put in a coffin in the pearl

Jackson put in a coffin in the pearlDaughter Paris tied him on the hand with a farewell gift of half a broken heart, pendant, the other half of which she now never takes from her neck.July 7 at Liberty Hall cemetery Forest Lawn coffin with the deceased opened.Sister of Michael Jackson La comprises its selection told the details of the ceremony.- When they opened the coffin, Michael was a snow-white cloth, " said La Toya. Family members kissed Michael on the forehead. It seemed that he just rested his eyes were half-open.PendantThe daughter of the king of pop Paris is going through her father's death harder than her brothers. Every day she only wears his favorite t-shirts. The walls of her room are covered with posters and pictures of his father. She often talks to him.Paris writes his father a letter, " says La comprises its selection, holding back tears. Читать полностью -->


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