Sean Penn divorce with his wife

Sean Penn divorce with his wifeNo sooner had the press to discuss candid interviews Robin Wright Penn magazine More, as the next day she filed the divorce papers. Once again this pair is trying to give up completely.But it seems that this time Robin didn't back down. Recall that Sean has recently announced their intentions to save their marriage and gave refused to participate in multiple projects. But, apparently, there is again something went wrong. Source: Sean Penn divorce with his wife. . Читать полностью -->

Fake muscles are Robert Pattinson

Fake muscles are Robert Pattinson Not so long ago, the paparazzi took a picture of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Italy, while working on one of the scenes of "new Moon". Pictures half naked and suddenly muscular Rob were published and seemed that the actor is working on his abs, achieving the appearance of the coveted "cubes". But in his new publication, the magazine "Star Magazine alleges that the inflated stomach Pattinson is fake: it's just a skilful work of stylists.Certainly the decision of many to give Robert a championship in a poll from "Vanity Fair" "Most beautiful man" was influenced by that picture shirtless actor. But is it really his muscles, or does use a skilled make-up?A source told the magazine: "Over Rob was a whole team of makeup artists. They made his stomach as he looks in the movie and the advertising pictures. They used all possible tricks, including liquid paint, shades and sprays, so that his torso looked so inflated. Читать полностью -->

On behalf of the singer Valeria scammers made millions

On behalf of the singer Valeria scammers made millionsJune 14 in Krasnodar will be held the concert of the singer Valeria, which the singer and her producer didn't even know.A few days ago to the producer Valerie Joseph Prigogine asked some people to hold the concert in Krasnodar. Joseph asked him to send his proposal to the administrator of the singer. Any papers and proposals from this man was no more, but in Krasnodar posters appeared with a picture of Valerie and a message about her upcoming concert."People hung posters, with no contract, no contract. We don't even know what room it will be!" said Days.Roux Joseph Prigogine.The producer wants to punish cheaters: "We don't want people to become a victim of fraud - some people that will gain at the expense of the name Valeria money and then disappear." It is unclear as a concert venue has signed an agreement without seeing the contract between the organizer with the contractor.The singer is worried about his fans, who will probably now buy tickets for liveconcert" in the hope of seeing her. Joseph Prigozhin has taken all possible measures to stop the sale of tickets."We have already appealed to the lawyers to prepare the documents to the Prosecutor's office of Krasnodar region on excitation of criminal case on the fact of fraud," said producer Valerie. Source: On behalf of the singer Valeria scammers made millions. Читать полностью -->

Liv Tyler affair with personal trainer

Liv Tyler affair with personal trainerThe star of the trilogy "Lord of the rings Liv Tyler was photographed kissing with his personal trainer David Hirsch - the pair had lunch in a secluded setting in Westwood.Liv dressed in sexy black and white dress, and her new boyfriend in the green shirt and beige trousers could not break away from each other, as they walked from the restaurant to his car. Several times they stopped to make out-to kiss. Liv looked in love and smiled all the time.31-year-old actress has been single since last year when it was announced her divorce with British musician Royston Langdon, whom she has a 4-year-old son Milo. Liv said after her husband left her, she felt physically sick and she could not live on, but she tries not to be upset for the child. Source: Liv Tyler affair with personal trainer. . Читать полностью -->

Tatyana Ustinova revealed the secret of her weight loss

Tatyana Ustinova revealed the secret of her weight lossWriter Tatyana Ustinova revealed the secret of her incredible weight loss.In the form of Tatiana have been major changes. "I lost 90 pounds and felt like a blonde! "- so says the writer herself.According to statistics, a woman changes the image every five years, but Tatiana - conservative people. Whole life she had one image.But no mysterious stories associated with weight loss, Ustinova no. She had to deal with their weight due to medical reasons: "my weight was absolutely limitless," she says "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Doctors excitedly began to insist that so can not continue. But while Tatiana was not really bad, until it was finally exhausted endless swelling, she was not engaged.Then, when I started losing weight, the writer suddenly felt in her heart, she's a blonde. "Blonde is a special state! "she says.Tatiana has not invented a better way than diet Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya: "to lose weight, do not have to sit zhravshi," she says. Читать полностью -->

Katya LEL for the first time became a mother

Katya LEL for the first time became a motherKatya LEL first became a mother. The 8th of April, at eight o'clock in the evening, 36-year-old singer gave birth to a daughter.In Moscow perinatal medical center Katya LEL arrived the day before the happy event of a luxurious white limousine. 33-year-old husband of Katie arrived with his wife. They had agreed that the hospital Igor will always be around, but during the birth itself will remain waiting outside the door.The couple did not know in advance the sex of their baby. During pregnancy, when the singer went for an ultrasound, baby was struggling and made it impossible to determine the sex. Was born a healthy girl with classical parameters: 3 kg 500 g - weight, 52 cm - height. Читать полностью -->

Created award was named in honor of Harold Pinter

Created award was named in honor of Harold PinterEnglish PEN English PEN) on 14 October 2009, will hand over his new prize, bearing the name of Harold Pinter, British playwright, Nobel prize winner for literature, who died in December 2008.The award, according to The Guardian, will be awarded to authors who have a "solid, unswerving" gaze upon the world and capable, with a "fierce intellectual determination to describe the truth of our lives and our society.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The rating of the coolest vampires

The rating of the coolest vampires The magazine Entertainment Weekly not only amounted to twenty of the coolest bloodsuckers in the history of cinema and literature: the editors, it turns out, decided to devote the whole new issue exclusively to vampires.A great gift for keen on this subject! Here, for example, whom they consider the hot and sexy film and telecrane bloodsuckers among men. Source: the Rating of the coolest vampires (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Spielberg is preparing `Indiana Jones 5`

Spielberg is preparing `Indiana Jones 5`In the framework of the press tour for "Transformers" Shia LaBeouf told the BBC in an interview that Steven Spielberg, whose fourth "Indiana Jones" actor played the role Jonava son, was engaged in the preparation of the fifth film.One cannot say that this news could someone stun: in the end, a year ago, screenwriter and producer George Lucas not only talked about plans to make another sequel, but, in General, offered seditious, namely to do in the new film the main character is not Ford, but as time Labera."Steven Spielberg told me that finally found the right story to film, and I think that now they have begun the training," now says LaBeouf, without going into details and specifying only that the film "will have no special effects".Recall that "Crystal skull", the shooting of which was spent 185 million, has grossed nearly 800 million, proving important in the twenty years that have passed between the release of the third and fourth films, the audience's interest in the franchise has not died away. And the studios in our times there is only one answer. Source: Spielberg is preparing a "Indiana Jones 5"". . . . Читать полностью -->

Anna Semenovich urgently prepare for surgery

Anna Semenovich urgently prepare for surgeryAnna Semenovich will be hospitalized singer urgently awaiting surgery for removal of tonsils. The fact is that, traveling to Israel, Anya launched colds, leading to serious complications.According to the Director, the mayor, health problems, Anya is indeed very serious. "Doctors, of course, do not lose hope to do without surgical intervention, said Alexander," but they are not great: Anya later turned to doctors for help. Doctors, by the way, fear and even complications on lungs... she is Now spending all of his time at doctors. We hope that before the end of this week it will become clear whether her surgery. Читать полностью -->

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