Garik Sukachev was seriously injured in the accident

Garik Sukachev was seriously injured in the accidentFamous Russian rock musician and singer Garik Sukachev became the participant of road accident in Moscow suburbs, near Khimki cemetery.On his Harley Davidson motorbike he was riding on Novoshodnensky highway towards the center, when the road suddenly jumped a pedestrian trying to cross the road, Interfax reported.Not having had time to brake, the bike Sukachev hit the man. The pedestrian received serious injuries and was hospitalized in a Moscow hospital by car to an ambulance, which arrived on the scene within 5 minutes.As it became known LIFE.RU of the singer in every region of Azerbaijan accident broken left ankle. He was urgently taken to the Central Institute of traumatology and orthopedics.The man downed Sukachev, - 37-the summer inhabitant of Moscow Alexey Martynov - hit the Botkin hospital with an open fracture of the left tibia and a fracture of the hip.According to the preliminary version, the accident the fault of the pedestrian - he tried to cross the road in the wrong place.Now the singer feels fine. According to doctors, he even talked to someone in the hospital on the phone and admitted that he was going to leave tomorrow with his wife and young daughter on a vacation abroad, reports the portal. Source: Garik Sukachev was seriously injured in the accident. . Читать полностью -->

Relatives can't share Jackson's children

Relatives can't share Jackson's childrenIn the U.S. starts a dispute about who is entitled to the wardship of the children of Michael Jackson, who died suddenly last week.Yesterday of its intention to seek custody of two of the three offspring musician said his ex-wife Debbie Rowe. Rowe was married to Jackson from 1996 to 1999, they met when she helped him to heal from the disease vitiligo - pigmentation disorders of the skin.Their intentions Rowe, being the mother of a 12-year-old Michael Joseph Jackson (also known under the name of Prince Michael and 11-year-old Paris Michael Katherine, said in his NBC interview. "I want my children," said the former nurse. Earlier the right temporary custody of their three children Jackson (the youngest heir - seven year old Prince Michael the Second, born to a surrogate mother) was transferred to Jackson's mother Katherine. Later it became known that Debbie Rowe is not mentioned in the will of the singer.Meanwhile, several U.S. Читать полностью -->

The most charming vampire

The most charming vampire Continue, with your permission, the conversation about vampires. Now we will talk about biting the fair half of nechelovecheskie.The magazine Entertainment Weekly highlights 13 beauties-the vampire, one less than men. I wonder why this discrimination?:) Nevertheless, look! Source: the Most charming vampire (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Edgar Zapashny hospitalized with injuries of both hands

Edgar Zapashny hospitalized with injuries of both handsFamous trainer Peter ZAPADNOGO Friday night was hospitalized in a Moscow hospital N7 with injuries to both hands. The Edgar operated at night for two hours under General anesthesia.According to the mother of the artist Tatiana Covering, the strongest of the injury, the trainer got in an accident. According to the Edgar ZAPADNOGO, the accident happened the day before. Right now, the artist is OK, but the injured arm to raise it yet."I too leaned on the sink in the bathroom in a country house, she collapsed on the floor together with fixed mirror. As a result, I fell, and the fragments are severely cut both my hands hurt vein, tendon," he said RIA "Novosti". "Native called the clinic in Germany, where I was operated on last year and last year, and the doctors there said that I need to get to them. Читать полностью -->

Ridiculous rumors about Robert Pattinson

Ridiculous rumors about Robert PattinsonRecently Robert Pattinson is doing that refutes the stupid rumors about me. Explained last time that he had not received any injuries on the set of "new Moon", and now I have to prove to the public that he is... clean and smells normal.The fact that days earlier in the Western press there were statements allegedly colleagues of Robert in the court, which said that the actor doesn't shower, and he smells terrible. "Yes I take a shower! - outraged Pattinson. - And I, incidentally, did not appear!". . Читать полностью -->

The authors `Coraline` are preparing a new joint project

The authors `Coraline` are preparing a new joint projectThe Director of "Coraline" Henry Celik said that he and Neil Gaiman, the author of the book that became the basis of the cartoon, intend to continue their cooperation, however, that it would be to film it this time, Celik did not specify, leaving fans of Gaiman guess nervously over his extensive bibliography."Yes, we definitely discussed. We will gladly work together again, but so far I can't tell you anything specific, because we are considering several options," said he in intevriew all of this, to work on "Coraline", Celik with the works of Gaiman wasn't familiar. Now, presumably, the educational gap of the film made up for, at least, "Coraline", the production of which worked for three years, he now knows better than the author.About his relationship with Gaiman, the writer said: "It was such a pleasant surprise - there was a sense that we are brothers. You know, very similar to my friendship with Tim Burton". (From sketches Burton Celik at the time put the "Nightmare before Christmas" that Studio marketers later renamed "the Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton")."As if we are one planet. It may, however, from different areas - he's wearing a lot more black than I," said Celik. Читать полностью -->

Brother Jackson spoke about children of singer

Brother Jackson spoke about children of singerTired of the gossip that appeared around the family of Michael Jackson after his death, the brother of the king of pop Tito Jackson spoke about the children of the singer.Michael Jackson left three children: 12-year-old Prince Michael I, 11-year-old daughter Paris and 7-year-old Prince Michael II. After the death of his singer ex-wife Debbie Rowe's rumored that the famous singer was not the biological father of his two older children. The question that Michael Jackson is not the father and youngest son, has also repeatedly raised. All three dark-skinned children from birth white. Moreover, the girl was born with blue eyes.Tito Jackson insists that there is a test that proves that his brother Michael is the biological father of their children. "Everything you need to make those who doubt this, is to look them in the eye - especially in the eyes of the youngest son Jackson, Blanket (nickname Prince Michael II - approx. Читать полностью -->

Orchestra YouTube performed at Carnegie hall in new York

Orchestra YouTube performed at Carnegie hall in new YorkUnique the YouTube Symphony orchestra on Wednesday appeared with the premiere Internet-Symphony N1 American-Chinese composer tan Dun at the famed Carnegie hall in new York.In the hall sounded like classical orchestral instruments, and so unexpected for symphonic music, Japanese drums, empty bowls and even the bow on the "musical saw." The Symphony is called "Heroics", written for this event, referred to the genre of classical music.This is unprecedented in the world of the orchestra, to participate in which musicians were selected in the real time. In the contest for the YouTube Symphony orchestra included 90 members aged from 15 to 55 from 30 countries. As part of a unique orchestra - three Russians.Live virtual concert orchestra under the direction of the Director of the Symphony orchestra of San Francisco, founder and artistic Director of New world Symphony and principal guest conductor of the London Symphony orchestra Michael Tilson Thomas.Since the launch of the project in December 2008, the channel Symphony orchestra on YouTube has received over 13 million views, the competition involved more than 3 thousand video clips from professional musicians and Amateur musicians from 70 countries from all five continents.As noted by RIA "Novosti", in the ranking of the video on YouTube with Internet Symphony has already received four and a half points out of five possible when more than 244 thousand voted. Reviews of the Internet community mainly concise - "fantastic!" "cool!" "crazy!". Source: Orchestra YouTube performed at Carnegie hall in new York. . Читать полностью -->

Jankowski returned to the theater

Jankowski returned to the theaterOleg Yankovsky, which is so hard left the stage native Lenkom, having played a few weeks ago a farewell performance, to the indescribable joy of the fans back to the theater.Admirers of Oleg Ivanovich, who is struggling with the disease, only recently cried, not wanting to say goodbye to "Munchausen", now wipe away tears of happiness. Today Jankowski, by his own admission, much better, and he shines on stage, collecting unprecedented even for the Lenkom notices. Source: Jankowski returned to the theater. . . . Читать полностью -->

The fisherman made a scandal because of the low fee

The fisherman made a scandal because of the low feeThe winner of the Moscow "Eurovision" Alexander Rybak with the scandal refused to speak Russian award "Muz TV" because of the low, in his opinion, the fee.Norwegian elf, the immediacy of which colleagues were surprised a few weeks ago, turned in the strongest representative of show business.- Sasha is now painted every day almost by the minute, told LIFE.RU Svetlana Voronova, PR-Director of Muz-TV. First, he gave consent to participate and really got excited about it. However, in the last moment of his plans, alas, has changed. Now the winner of "Eurovision" tour.- He was to perform a duet song with Dima Bilan, right? What?- What's the difference, what if all eventually fell through. The idea, of course, was a huge... Sorry that did not work.StrangerReally, sorry. Читать полностью -->