Tour `Rennet` almost ended in tragedy

Tour `Rennet` almost ended in tragedyThe plane, which was moving group, rejected one of the engines.The soloist of the popular youth band "Ranetki" Anna, Lena, Dance, Zhenya and Natasha, as well as the producer and musicians music band recently survived a few anxious hours. The team was headed to a concert in the city of Samara. An hour after the start of the flight, the passengers noticed that the aircraft's engines roared louder than usual, and the plane began to shake."We often fly, and it was obvious from the aircraft's something wrong," says Eugene "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - Frightened when he began a violent shaking and conductors nervous voice announced that for technical reasons we will have to return to Moscow." Halfway pilots turned the plane in the opposite direction. "Ranetki" tell that everyone, including flight attendants, sat with white faces, young children cried, and the girls were preparing for the worst."We suddenly realized that this might be our last moments. From his eyes tears flowed, we started to ask forgiveness from each other, hugged and cried... Читать полностью -->

Around Berlusconi broke new scandal

Around Berlusconi broke new scandalThe lawyer of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Niccolo Ghedini threatens to sue those who decide to repost audio recordings of alleged conversations premiere with 42-year-old prostitute Patricia D addario.Monday Internet sites Italian editions of L'espresso and La Repubblica has posted audio recordings of talks Premier Berlusconi and women of easy virtue D addario, which, according to confused, she did last year: the first time when it premiered in October of last year - and the second time on the night of November 4 last year, which they supposedly spent together. On the audio recordings allegedly Italian Prime Minister asked the woman to wait for him in bed while he showered.The Berlusconi lawyer Niccolo Ghedini stated that "the truthfulness and legality of the distribution of records have already been challenged". According to him, these records have no pictures, they are absolutely unbelievable and are the figment of the imagination," according to "RIA Novosti".According to the lawyer of Berlusconi, the judiciary had to figure out how this secret stuff in the Prosecutor's office of the southern Italian city of Bari, fell into the hands of journalists. However, the lawyer premiere stated that the full publication of this material by itself is illegal and should be prosecuted. "Those who believe it is possible to repost this material will be taken all appropriate in this case legal action," the lawyer said.We will remind, scandalous details about the private life of Italian Prime Minister for the first time hits the press. Berlusconi became the hero of juicy stories, and told them the unambiguous phrases caused public dissatisfaction with his wife.So, in may of this year wife 72-year-old premiere Veronica Lario filed for divorce, stating that she wants to stay with someone who "rubs shoulders with minors", reports BBC. Читать полностью -->

Started shooting the film `Eclipse`

Started shooting the film `Eclipse`Film Studio Summit Entertainment has announced the beginning of the shooting process of the painting "the Eclipse", which is the third part of vampire Saga "Twilight".The film re-unite on the set of lead actors: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor of Lautner. They will be joined by newcomers: Bryce Dallas Howard, and Xavier Samuel. Shooting will take place in Vancouver.The premiere is scheduled for 30 June 2010. Source: Started shooting the film "Eclipse"". . . Читать полностью -->

Zavorotnyuk told about their past marriages

Zavorotnyuk told about their past marriagesActress and TV presenter Anastasia Zavorotniuk told her all about their relationship with men.Recently Anastasia is very popular with the public. The first channel made a documentary where Nastya told his men, about yourself and your happiness. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published the most interesting moments of the film.Klaus. ForeignerIn 1993, Anastasia graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and began working in the theatre of Oleg Tabakov "Snuff". During the next performance, where he played 20-year-old actress, she was noticed by a businessman named Klaus, a German citizen. Klaus fell in love with the girl at first sight. Читать полностью -->

A fisherman dreams of sharing the same room with Bilan

A fisherman dreams of sharing the same room with BilanThe winner of "Eurovision" Alexander Rybak wants to return to Moscow and to sing a duet with Dima Bilan. Sing, according to rumors, is going their "Tales".Sensational appearance is scheduled for happy Fishermen stage SC "Olympic" - 5 June in the framework of the Award "Muz-TV".They say the Fisherman was very impressed with the original statement Bilan, who opened the final of "Eurovision". Since then, Alexander dreams of sharing the same room with Dima.Meanwhile, detractors of a Fisherman, has long caught the young man in sexual orientation, are confident that the Belarusian experiences to the Russian artist not only professional interest. On numerous online forums dedicated to Eurovision song contest", posted excerpts from an interview of a Fisherman, in which he allegedly admits that almost in love with Bilan. However, even if it is true, fans of Alexander not to worry - his feelings will remain unanswered. As you know, Dima has recently proposed to his girlfriend Elena Kuletskaya is currently busy with the preparations for the wedding.In any case, we can safely say that the Duo winners of "Eurovision" will definitely become one of the highlights of the forthcoming Award of Muz-TV. Читать полностью -->

Scarlett Johansson starred in ads for Mango

Scarlett Johansson starred in ads for Mango Yesterday in Madrid brand Mango unveiled Scarlett Johansson as its new advertising face and released the posters of the actress. How did advertising photography, we have already seen - let's now check out the results and the phenomenon Scarly the Spaniards.In advertising, the girl - blonde in a life - brunette: thank God, only for the filming of "Iron man 2". Hopefully, after work Scarlett will regain blond color! And you like more? Source: Scarlett Johansson starred in ads for Mango (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Appeared in Paris wax Obama

Appeared in Paris wax ObamaAppeared in Paris sculpture out of wax, representing the 44th U.S. President Barack Obama, writes British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. The figure was presented to the public on Monday, June 29.Wax Obama was installed near the Eiffel tower and caught the attention of both tourists and locals. Because of the hot weather, established in the French capital, the figure began to melt, and as he saw the guard opened over the head of Obama's umbrella.From the centre of Paris sculpture was sent to the city waxwork Museum, musГ©e grГ©vin. Now copy the American leader coexists with sculptures of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin and several U.S. presidents, including Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy.Sculptor Eric San Safra (Eric Saint Chaffray), who is the Creator of a wax figure of Obama, said he had never seen Barack Obama in person. Читать полностью -->

A secret recording of Michael Jackson

A secret recording of Michael JacksonIt turned out that the now deceased king of pop Michael Jackson has secretly created 200 new songs.Burdened in recent decades, huge debts, he gave the right to these records created for their children's special Fund. These "hidden treasures" will save the children of the singer from financial ruin.The Daily Express reports that creditors of Jackson will not be able to access the funds obtained from the sale of these songs, as they secure a special status. This collection is estimated at $ 100 million. This will provide a comfortable existence for 12-year-old Prince Michael I, 11-year-old Paris and 7-year-old Prince Michael II.Radio station BBC reported today about the existence of video training Michael Jackson for the new show, which he was going to present in London.This entry, like 200 new songs, will be extremely interesting to fans of the singer.As already mentioned Days., the family of Michael Jackson is planning to hold a public funeral singer at the famous Neverland ranch on 1 July. Relatives of the singer believe that the millions of fans should not be deprived of the right to be with their idol.However, it is unknown exactly how will be buried Michael Jackson. One of the versions released to the media, is embalming. Читать полностью -->

Jolie once again vysokooplachivaema actress

Jolie once again vysokooplachivaema actressAngelina Jolie tops list of highest-paid Actresses in Hollywood, compiled annually by Forbes, Reuters reports.From June 2008 to June 2009, Jolie earned $27 million, mainly due to the percentage of the fees of the movie "Wanted" (in the Russian hire - "Particularly dangerous"), shot by Director Timur Bekmambetov. In addition, the actress received a high fee for her role in "Salt", not yet released.Second place in the list of highest paid Actresses went to Jennifer aniston, earned $25 million, the most money, according to the compilers of the rating, aniston took part in the Comedy "Marley and me". In addition, Forbes notes, aniston continues to receive revenue from the TV series "Friends" where she played a major role.Meryl Streep with an income of $24 million, much of which was brought to her role in the film adaptation of the musical "Mamma MIA", took third place. On the line below was Sarah Jessica Parker, earned $23 million on a film version of the television series "Sex and the city". Top five highest paid Hollywood Actresses Cameron Diaz with an income of $20 million.Despite the high fees, notes the Hollywood Reporter, salaries Actresses not only demonstrate a declining trend, but still lag far behind men's size fees. Stars such as Nicole Kidman and Halle Barry, no longer able to earn for the film is $10 million With will Smith still can take over the role of $25 million, and the johnny Depp and brad pitt can count on $20 million Source: Jolie again vysokooplachivaema actress. Читать полностью -->

`Booker-2009` got a canadian writer

`Booker-2009` got a canadian writerCanadian novelista Alice Munro won the International man Booker prize-2009, reported on the official website of the award."Alice Munro is mostly known as novelista, but in every story she brings as much depth, wisdom and accuracy as will fit in the voluminous novels", - stated in the decision of the jury, one of whose members was a famous writer Andrey Kurkov, author of the novels "the picnic on the ice, "the Geography of a single shot, "the President's Last love", "Favorite song cosmopolite".In the list of contenders for the competition's most prestigious literary prize included a Russian writer and playwright Lyudmila Ulitskaya.The list of contenders for the award were listed by 12 authors from seven countries. Among them were such well-known writers, as an American, Edgar Doctorow, Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa, an English writer of Indian origin, Nobel laureate (2001) Vidyadhar Naipaul.Prize of 60 thousand British pounds will be awarded at a ceremony in Dublin on 25 June, informs RIA "news".Munro was born 10 July 1931 in Wingame (Ontario). He studied at the University of Western Ontario. His first collection of short stories Dance of the happy shades" published in 1968.Award Map Booker International Prize is awarded for achievements in the field of fiction every two years since 2005. Then defeated Albanian writer Ismail Kadare, and two years later the award was received by Nigerian chinua Achebe. Source: "Booker-2009" went to canadian writer. Читать полностью -->