The wife of Tom cruise is expecting her second child

The wife of Tom cruise is expecting her second childIn the family of Tom cruise's expected completion. His wife Katie Holmes is expecting her second child.30-year-old Katie will soon give their 2-year-old daughter Suri baby brother or sister. "Tom and Katie just in seventh heaven from happiness, they always said that they are going to expand their family, and now it's finally happened," said family friends cruise to the British magazine "OK".Recently, the number of American mass media the information appeared that Katie was sitting on a grueling detox diet consisting of herbal beverages and cleaning procedures to remove from the body all the toxins and prepare it to conceive a child. "Katie practically rid your body of toxins, but because of this she was always in a dream state. It loses power and can't do anything. Tom convinces her to stay on this diet, because they are going to conceive a second child," an informed source told the Daily Mail.Impending motherhood has made the image of Katie more feminine. Читать полностью -->

Emilia Vishnevskaya left dj-project Audio girls`

Emilia Vishnevskaya left dj-project Audio girls`Newborn DJ-project "Audio girls" bursting at the seams. It became known that the leading model of Russia and member of the DJ Duo Emilia Vishnevskaya leaves the group.Itself Emilia was succinct. "Project "Audio girls" takes too much time. I have a very dense graph model, and in parallel to two directions tricky. Choosing between popular brand "Emilia Vishnevskaya-model" and the participation in the project whose future is quite uncertain, I chose the former. At the moment I have a lot of offers and travel for work, so their graphs are "Audio girls" in my schedule don't fit". Читать полностью -->

Eva Mendes was photographed for the magazine Marie Claire

Eva Mendes was photographed for the magazine Marie Claire Eva Mendes was photographed for the magazine Marie Claire and something tell him about yourself. For example, about their bodies and about what kind of clothing suits her."I love your shape, accept them as is - but you still have to follow a thin line. There are dresses, which all say, "Oh, they're feminist, there is nothing sexual! "- but I wear them and they are on me. I think it is necessary to dress in a manner that was consistent with your figure, and only then will like.Eva said that four years was undergoing psychotherapy, which helped her cope with his fame. "I been through a lot thanks to God and therapy. I love therapy! Hooked on her. Читать полностью -->

Official poster of `new Moon`

Official poster of `new Moon`The Washington Times accidentally published a new poster for the film "new Moon" prematurely. Officially he was supposed to appear tonight only in print, but, as often happens, the Internet came before.The poster can be freely found on Google, but in full size it can be seen only in the print edition. Source: Official poster of new Moon"". . . . Читать полностью -->

Supporters Mikhalkov rejected the leadership hutsieva

Supporters Mikhalkov rejected the leadership hutsievaHeld in Moscow on the extraordinary Congress of the Union of cinematographers quashed the decisions of the forum, removed from the post of Chairman Nikita Mikhalkov.The majority of those present at the Congress at Gostiny Dvor figures of the Russian cinema has not confirmed the authority of Marlena hutsieva as President of their Union.Khutsiev was elected Chairman of the SC in December of last year, succeeding longtime Union leader Nikita Mikhalkov.March 17, Presnensky court of Moscow has declared illegal the decision of the Congress held in December. The court found that Congress was not a quorum for the offset Mikhalkov.Formally, powers Mikhalkov has expired, but he claims that is required to continue to perform his duties until such time as a new Chairman is elected in a legitimate.Nikita Mikhalkov is known for its close relations with the Kremlin and especially with the Prime Minister and former Russian President Vladimir Putin.During Mikhalkov extraordinary Congress, he proposed to save Thank you for the post of Chairman.The work of the CongressAs RIA "news" the lawyer of the UK stated that the Congress was going 2570 members of the organization, or 52.2% of the population.The minimum quorum is 50% plus one person.Nikita Mikhalkov emotionally addressed the audience, stressing that he wants to leave, but not before rejecting all allegations of material abuse that was put forward against his colleagues."I was going to and are going to leave, but I can't afford to go that way I suggest, nevelesanas, slander, did not respond to the questions that I asked," stressed the filmmaker."The charges are very rigid and uncompromising," said he."They seem to look very convincing. But I will tell you frankly, three months to keep it inside very difficult, the enemy does not want", - he complained."In the Union of cinematographers there is a split that was already in the writers' Union, when there were few unions of writers and artists Union, when there were few unions of artists", - said in the program "Morning on bi-Bi-si" Kirill Razlogov, which is in the UK."The most desirable outcome of all this squabbling, which is extremely unpleasant and does not bring goodness neither the one nor the other side, is [to be] the elimination of the Union and the establishment in its place of something else," added Razlogov. Source: Supporters Mikhalkov rejected the leadership hutsieva. . . Читать полностью -->

Scientists find the killer of king Gustav III DNA

Scientists find the killer of king Gustav III DNASwedish scientists plan to investigate with the help of DNA analysis the assassination of king Gustav III of Sweden, who died in 1792 from being shot in the back when he attempted to group in opposition of the nobles at the masquerade ball in the Royal Opera house/It is reported by the Swedish news Agency TT.Scientists at Uppsala University intend to compare the sample charge and the clothes of Gustav III with surviving on her blood stains, reports the Agency RIA "Novosti"."We do this to ensure that the Livrustkammaren Museum (Museum in the Royal Palace of Stockholm, associated with the Swedish military history and the monarchy) were scientific evidence of the shot, and also to try out our new methods," - said associate Professor of medical genetics, Uppsala University Marie Allen.King Gustav III was born in 1746. He is considered one of the most controversial kings of Sweden. Having taken on 29 may 1772 throne, he reinforced the absolute power of the king, which led to the termination of the era of liberal reforms and the banning of political parties.However, he remained in Swedish history as the monarch is the patron of culture, theatre and advocate a series of reforms in the sphere of education. Gustav III founded the Swedish Academy, which deals with the regulation of the Swedish language, and since 1901 annually awards the Nobel prize for literature.Gustav III is one of the most well-known among Swedish kings, filmed a lot of documentaries.Adventurous Swedish historians believe his foreign policy. In 1788 Gustavus the Third began, in particular, the war with Russia, which ended in 1790. It was during these years began to grow discontent with the king and his policies among the Swedish nobility, formed during the winter of 1791-1792, in the conspiracy was the murder of the king and the reform of the government.According to surviving evidence, during the masquerade at the Royal Opera house on 16 March 1792 the king was surrounded by a group of black-clad men, one of whom allegedly said in French-"Good evening, beautiful mask, followed by a shot in the back of the king. Читать полностью -->

Doctors save heart of Alla Pugacheva

Doctors save heart of Alla PugachevaAlla Borisovna Pugacheva had a hypertensive crisis. In a Moscow clinic Diva made cleaning vessels.Alla Borisovna has long been under the close supervision of cardiologists. For the past three years, the singer made two heart surgeries in Medical surgical center named after Pirogov. Center staff suggest that a heart problem is heredity, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Alla Borisovna complained to the doctors that her brother Eugene also now health problems. To the surgery the doctors did not dare. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer aniston poses problems on the set

Jennifer aniston poses problems on the setA movie star can't part with his dog, which also hurts the entire group. A dog named Norman is very important to Jennifer, so the actress needs to all the time he was there.Aniston doesn't want to part with a pet, even while working than not particularly happy crew. The dog stars, though calm, but requires a lot of attention."She's already arranged a place near the film - say working on the ground people. Besides, aniston insists that the dog ate together with the crew from special plates".In addition, to Norman almost every day comes a masseuse to relieve fatigue. After all, the filming process is not easy, even for watching. Source: Jennifer aniston poses problems on the set. Читать полностью -->

The TV show `House 2` held at the damn place

The TV show `House 2` held at the damn placeMarshy meadow in the vicinity of Moscow, the city of Dedovsk, which are pavilions of the TV show "Dom-2", the locals consider it a cursed place.There, near the river Istra, in the persecution of the Church militant atheists burned six hundred icons. Building a "House-2" on the goddamn wasteland, the organizers of the scandalous spectacle was bound participants to unhappiness.Problems in the Home-2 snowballing - long show Victoria Karaseva after months in intensive care barely survived, trapped in cutting at a pizza shell.Victoria, or tori - which on the project for 3, 5 years - died of an unknown illness. Disease even are unable to identify immediately. Treated back, and when quite young beauty slug, had a scan of the innards. Tori is a rare injury - the shards of shell from one of the types of seafood sliced thin walls of the intestine and esophagus. The wound festers and never heals. Читать полностью -->

Monica Belluci was beaten

Monica Belluci was beatenItalian actress Monica Belluci told about how one of the spectators who are dissatisfied with the film, struck her.The last days of Monica Bellucci shone at the Cannes film festival, presenting the non-competition ribbon Marina de van, where she played together with no less brilliant Sophie Marceau. And, despite the "sour" reviews about the film, the mood Monica was upbeat.This contradiction Bellucci explains his love of provocative films and the bright expression of emotion in the audience. "I love provocative films, - says the actress. - I like the hum of dissatisfied voters in the hall. Once one of the spectators even hit me - this was after the "Irreversibility". But if I listened to everything that they say about me, and all that is written about me, I wouldn't be able to remove".Monica admits that for the sake of her favourite scenarios and movies she was even willing to make sacrifices - for example, to lose weight, as was done for the film presented in Cannes, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets."I was asked to lose weight pounds at five or six. Читать полностью -->

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