Thousands of Britons came to the funeral stars of the reality show

Thousands of Britons came to the funeral stars of the reality showThousands of people gathered on the streets of London to take part in the funeral procession of the stars of the popular reality show, jade goody, reports CNN.Jade goody died on March 22 at the age of 27. The girl became famous after seven years under the continuous gaze of television cameras. In 2002, a young nurse from London working suburb has become one of the most colorful member of the reality show "Big brother". The news of a deadly cancer - cancer of the uterus - jade also got on camera in August 2008, when he participated in the Indian version of Big brother.People showered flowers hearse with the body of goody. First, the motorcade drove along the Bermondsey area (Bermondsey) in South London where he had grown up girl. Then the route ran through the area Essex, where she lived at the end of life. Читать полностью -->

The mayor of Kiev were bare, proving his mental health

The mayor of Kiev were bare, proving his mental healthThe mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky, known for his extravagant behavior, gave an original answer to the Parliament of Ukraine, who recently sent him to a psychiatric examination.Without waiting for the verdict of doctors, Chernovetsky decided that the best proof of mental health is its excellent physical shape.According to the Ukrainian Agency UNIAN, on Wednesday morning at the Kiev "Dynamo" stadium Chernovetsky completed an individual program of triathlon: first ran 400 meters, then pulled himself up on the bar 15 times, and then swam 50 meters in the pool. Coming out of the pool, the mayor played by muscles in front of reporters and "support group" of 20 pensioners, sarcastically notes the edition.After that the mayor, not change wet swimming trunks, made a short statement in the locker room of the pool. "I'll be brief. The philosophy of my behavior - I want to demonstrate not only to Kiev, but also throughout Ukraine that I am physically and mentally completely healthy," said Chernovetskiy. According to the mayor, today he ran, pulled up and floated for "to wash away from Ukraine, my homeland, all the dirt, which she poured irresponsible policies, people's deputies of Ukraine".Speaking of his fiery speech, the mayor of Kiev drew attention to included in room TV, on which were represented the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. Pointing in the direction of the TV screen, Chernovetsky said: "I Want to demonstrate that democracy in Ukraine is threatened by fascism, totalitarianism. Читать полностью -->

Jesus turned Madonna into a housewife

Jesus turned Madonna into a housewifeYoung lover Madonna moved to the apartment of a star and turned it into a real housewife.After only three months after the first meeting of the 50-year-old Madonna and 22-year-old Brazilian male model Jesus Luz were living together in new York apartment of the singer, The Mirror reports.Three months ago a Brazilian boyfriend Jesus lived in Rio De Janeiro along with his mother, and now he prudently manages in a luxurious mansion world-famous stars in one of the most prestigious areas of new York.Closest pair point out that Madonna has changed a lot since the day we met Jesus. She became much softer, not as at the time of his marriage to film Director guy Ritchie. Jesus and Madonna completely dissolved in their relationships, in the evening they mostly spend at home alone with each other.To please his beloved, the singer even began to cook him a romantic dinner, although I never showed their culinary skills: "When Madonna was married to guy, and even tried to cook him. Now do it with great pleasure, say friends of the environment of the singer. - With Jesus they laugh a lot, they obviously enjoyed interacting with each other".As already known, Madonna is the supporter of a healthy diet and adheres to a strict diet, so her lover now too, will have to give up sugar, fat and fast food. Now the menu will only cereals, vegetables, fruits and seafood. Читать полностью -->

Britain's Prince William became a lawyer

Britain's Prince William became a lawyerGrandson of the British Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, became a lawyer, reports BBC News.The dedication, held in Middle Temple, 27-year-old William traditionally told about their Hobbies in front of 300 guests. According to Prince, he loves football, Rugby and water Polo. "I especially like to play Rugby in place of the center back line," admitted William.The Prince also gave a joking promise to work only with cases of speeding. Thus William hinted at the incident in 2003, when, hurrying to Golf, he raced to the private area in his car at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, pressed to the side of the car of an elderly landowner Lord Bathurst.Queen Elizabeth, who was unable to attend the ceremony, sent grandson congratulations.By tradition, each full counsel of great Britain ("barrister") is one of the four Inns of court judicial, i.e. professional associations, - grace's Inn, Lincoln's Inn, inner temple and Middle temple. After the dedication in Middle Temple Prince William became the sixth lawyer among the members of the Royal family.William is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and who died in a car crash in 1997 of Princess Diana. Читать полностью -->

Guseva dressed for the movie in bdsm suit

Guseva dressed for the movie in bdsm suit Ekaterina Guseva seems to have got a taste for it: still not stopped talking about the fact that she is "pretty good" in the erotic scenes, and the actress is already in the midst of a new scandal.Available LIFE.RU got footage from the film "the Man who knew everything, that she will probably be hiding in old age grandchildren.After the Internet has got the video of 33-year-old Guseva boldly shows delicious forms, the fans picked up noticeably. But they could not think that their pet is capable of hooliganism larger scale. It turns out that for the sake of art Katya is not only willing to wear latex s & m suit, but ...let simmer for about your body cigar.This trick, which trembled even seasoned operators at the site, had to do with the actor Maxim Sukhanov.Catherine did not feel any inconvenience when shooting these scenes, knowing that her charms will be exhibited in the most daring angles, say crew members. - Even intoxicating she used masterfully, but almost never drinks.Source: Guseva dressed for the movie in bdsm suit (video). . . Читать полностью -->

Sure Topless star beauties

Sure Topless star beauties The physicians of all countries the first year saying, Topless sunbathing is not so harmless to health. And yet every summer many star beauties bravely exposing his naked breast to the sun, ignoring the warning...Trying to get tan without a trace from strapless, they choose secluded places under the sun, but still willingly or unwillingly attracts the attention... Source: Sure Topless star beauties (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

The Georgians built for Saakashvili cell

The Georgians built for Saakashvili cellIn Tbilisi, the opposition staged a musical protest against government policies. On Friday night, several thousand people gathered for the concert, which was held by the brother of opposition leader Levan Gachechiladze George - famous Georgian singer and musician.On stage, the actor appeared in an iron cage, which, according to him, symbolizes that all of Georgia is now in prison. As reported by the "Вести.Ru" after the presentation, the protesters staged a March to the Georgian Parliament.On the stairs in front of the building people gathered trash, thereby demonstrating his attitude to the authorities. The police followed the course of the action, but did not intervene.Recall that the opposition forces have regularly called Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to resign as head of state. So, "the Alliance for Georgia has already started collecting signatures in support of his resignation. According to the leader of the Alliance Irakli Alasania previously, the Alliance issued an ultimatum to the Saakashvili and asked him to call a referendum on early presidential and parliamentary elections."The President of the country was not have political responsibility for the decision on appointment of the referendum and his resignation. Читать полностью -->

Zhulin officially presented to the public his bride

Zhulin officially presented to the public his bride Coach "Ice age" Alexander Zhulin has ceased to hide a mistress. Famed figure skater, who for a year and a half concealed a passionate affair with his student Natalia Mikhailova, officially introduced her to the audience as his bride.Family photos 45 years Zhulin with Tatiana navkey still adorn the pages of glossy magazines. Below the signatures of two figure skating stars happy together, and no mention of the fact that Alexander long been ready to go to the registry office with another woman. By the way, is insanely similar to Tatiana.- This is my new girl Natalia, commented Zhulin appearance in the club's 24-year-old figure skater.It's amazing how actively coach, whose priorities have always been the mystery of his personal life, tried to acquaint all with a young lover, claiming to be a bridesmaid!- I will not photographed one, Natasha, let's go together! - Zhulin sincerely wanted dozens of party guests knew that he had found a new love.NovelBefore formally present Natalia Mikhailov his chosen, Alexander long to examine feelings of strength. Lovers for about a year living under the same roof, but a few months ago Zhulin gave the beautiful blonde to work on the "Ice age". The girl before carefully hid in the corners, became a full-time assistant coach on the project.- Mikhailov and Zhulin came together on the ice rink and went about training, " he told employees of the show, everything has long been used to it. Читать полностью -->

Mel Gibson showed Russian mistress

Mel Gibson showed Russian mistressAt the Los Angeles premiere of the film "X-Men: the Beginning. Wolverine" Mel Gibson, whose long marriage broke up because of the links on the side, finally unveiled his new lover.The actor was accompanied by none other, as the ex-wife of Timothy Dalton - 39-year-old Oksana Grigorieva, The Daily Mail reports.Grigorieva, 2 years ago left one of the executors of the role of James bond Timothy Dalton, fits the role of a mysterious Gibson's passion: her name is Oksana, she's Russian and professionally are engaged in music. In addition, unlike the self-proclaimed "doll Chalk" Oksana Pochepa, Grigorieva is brunette and is very similar to that girl with star caught by paparazzi on the beach in Costa Rica.And that is important, "Russian girlfriend Chalk" may well wait for a child from the stars of "Mad max". According to ' The Sun being in one of the houses Gibson in California, a woman was talking about her pregnancy on a cell phone.Recall that the wife of Gibson filed for divorce in Los Angeles Supreme court, citing the reasons of divorce "insurmountable odds". Since six of the older children of Gibson's an adult, Robin asked the court for joint custody of the youngest child, Tom.In 28 years of marriage Gibsons were born seven children: Hannah (28 years old), twins Edward and Christian (26 years), Willie (24 years old), Louis (21), Milo (19 years old) and Tommy (9 years).Mel Gibson met Robyn Moore in the late 1970s - he was then taking its first steps in the Australian Hollywood actor, and she was a nurse at the dental clinic. June 7, 1980, they were married. Читать полностью -->

Ehud Olmert requires emergency surgery

Ehud Olmert requires emergency surgeryThe survey of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that he was in the US, he revealed an increase in cancer, which requires urgent medical intervention.About it has informed on Monday a press-the Secretary of the retired head of government.It is expected that the decision about how to deal with progressive disease, will accept Israeli oncologists after Olmert will return home. Physicians discusses options of surgery, radiotherapy, or a combination.Meanwhile, the family of ex-Prime Minister consults with a group of physicians from one of the new York cancer centers about laser and other surgical interventions. In addition, according to MIGnews, now we are discussing the question of where it will undergo treatment in the United States or in Israel.Recall that about discovered he had prostate cancer Ehud Olmert announced in October 2007. "I have a tumor of the prostate at a very early stage. Microscopic tumor that can be removed surgically. This is a totally harmless and curable," said Olmert over a year ago. Читать полностью -->

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